The most southern reefs of the Egyptian Red Sea

are visited on this safari.

Daedalus Reef, also part of the Marine Park, is a large, oval reef with a lighthouse and is the furthest offshore reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. Its deep walls and drop-offs offer some of the most spectacular diving to be found. Daedalus has mountainous, pristine, hard coral formations. There is also a strong chance of spotting schooling Hammerheads, and grey reef sharks.

Zabargad Island is a wonderful dive site offering wall diving, a wreck and shallow areas with dozens of slender coral towers. Here live a great many tropical groupers, which are easily approached and photographed during a dive without equals in its category. When diving here at night you will find octopus, crustaceans and nudibranches emerge to crowd through the coral grottos.

Rocky Island is a small fossil-coral island that emerges from the surface, elliptical in shape, surrounded by a surface level reef. The island sinks it walls down to more that 1000 metres of water. The walls are covered in soft corals and huge gorgonians which float and wave in the current. It is possible to sight many species of shark here as well as sailfish, dolphins and manta rays.

Elphinstone, with its shear walls covered in soft corals, offers a likely encounter with Grey Reef Sharks circling on the plateaux and even Oceanic White Tip Sharks can be seen here for most of the year.